Make Gamut pronoun pins a part of your event.

Whether you’re looking to offer pins as …

  • Check-in gifts for conference attendees to wear on their badges or lanyards
  • Useful wedding favors that attendees can wear again and again
  • An extra personal touch on place settings
  • An award for learners at the end of a training

We’ll help make your day special and intentional.

“I'll be attending a wedding in October…. Problem is, I'm way too particular to put a sticker on one of my beautiful suits. I ordered a few of these pins for myself and a couple friends and then ordered more when it turned out I underestimated the demand. Each pin arrived looking perfectly as advertised and the magnetic backing, which was a big part of why I went with this option in addition to the handsome design, works great. It's perfect for the lapel of my suit jacket.”
— Joseph (he/him)

Discounts start at 20% off of 20+ pins—automatically applied at checkout. Contact us for additional discounts on orders over 200 pins.

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Need help choosing pins and badges?

  • Magnetic backs: available for all our pins, this back option is a big hit with events where attendees don’t want to make holes in their dressy or professional clothes. They also lay flat against the wearer’s skin, so they’re comfortable even when worn on items like dresses and thin tops without undershirts.

    Magnetic backs also shine on materials like name tags, lanyards, place holders, or name cards! They’re very easy to reposition, whether you’re picking the perfect spot on your formal outfit or being careful not to obscure important info on conference badges.

No need to stick to one type of pin for discounts—you’re welcome to choose whatever mix of pronouns and styles works best for you.