Second Quality Flair Pronoun Pin

$8.00 USD $11.00


We sell our second quality pins to reduce waste and to offer our products at a lower price point. These pins may have some scuffing, scratches, or inconsistencies in design.

Introducing yourself is hard enough as it is. Do you tell people your pronouns off the bat? Or do you wait for them to ask and risk having them guess? Tell people your pronouns without saying a word. These pins feature graphic typography that not only looks sophisticated but is also easy to read.

The Flair Line is made with gold or nickel plated brass and white enamel for a subtle button style. The 3/4 inch size is small enough to fit on a lapel but large enough to stand out.  

** The following choices are required. **

1. Color: Choose between gold and anthracite metals.

2. Pronouns: We apologize for any pronouns that are unavailable. Check back later if you haven't found what you're looking for - seconds are created all the time!

3. Backing Style: Please choose either a rubber clutch back or a magnetic back.

** The magnetic back is only suitable to be worn through fabric that is jersey (t-shirt) weight or thinner. **


10% of profits are donated to organizations committed to supporting and improving the lives of gender-expansive and LGBTQ+ individuals.